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8085 Standard components

Standard features list


  • Soundproofed, vibration-dampened, 4-point suspension cab with large, heat insulation glazing that extends down close to the floor
  • Entrance and exit on both sides
  • 3 Steering modes that sync tire position electronically (4-wheel, 2-wheel, crab steering)
  • 3-stage powerful heating and ventilation and defroster nozzles on the windscreen
  • Color-coded toggle switch for hydraulic, electric, driving and safety features
  • Telescoping and adjustable tilting steering column
  • Radio-Ready
  • Sun visor
  • Windshield wiper in front and back
  • Cab lighting
  • Air-Ride seat
  • 12 V plug receptacle, headlights, working light in the front and rear. 


  • Deutz TCD 2.9, water-cooled, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine with maintenance-free DOC aftertreatment. 


  • Hydraulic pilot-operated joystick for lifting / lowering and filling / emptying the loading system with rocker switch for selecting the travel direction as well as integrated 3rd control circuit (proportional control) and functional lighting integrated into the joystick 


  • 12mph (20kph) travel speed.
  • Continuously variable, hydrostatic axial piston drive with all-wheel drive
  • Combined brake-inch pedal
  • Self-locking differential
  • Mechanical parking brake 


  • Universal attachment plate (skid steer) with Faster Block and 14-Pin electric harness
  •  Parallel kinematics

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