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WL20e Technical specifications


Engine / Motor 

Travel drive motor - capacity S2 (60 min.) 6.5 kW
Lifting motor - capacity S3 (15%) 8.5 kW

Electrical system 

Operating voltage  12 V


Operating weight  2,350 kg
Tipping load with bucket - machine straight  1,509 kg
Tipping load with bucket - machine at angle  1,251 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork - machine straight  1,112 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork - machine at angle  916 kg

Vehicle data 

Bucket capacity standard bucket 0.2 m³
Traction drive  electrically via universal joint shaft
Axles  T80
Drivers cab (optional) FSD (EPS, EPS PLus)
Speed  0 - 15 km/h
Speed Level  1
Standard tires  27 x 10.50-15 EM ET-5

Hydraulic system  

Operating hydraulics - operating pressure  225 bar
Operating hydraulics - discharge capacity  32 l/min

Filling capacities 

Hydraulic oil tank  18.5 l
Hydraulic system  37 l

Standard bucket = digging bucket, 1,500 mm width
FSD = operator's canopy
EPS = Easy Protection System (fold-down operator's canopy)
EPS Plus = Easy Protection System Plus (hydraulically lowerable operator's canopy)
Tipping load calculation according to ISO 14397-EN474-3
*The running times of the battery are strongly dependent on the respective application conditions, the task and the driving style. This may also mean that a longer running time can be achieved. The specified running times may also be fallen short of in extreme cases. An interrupted operation (e.g. 30 min. driving, 30 min. standstill) prolongs the running time of the battery.

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