常规履带式挖掘机 ET08

常规履带式挖掘机 ET08: 适合各种施工地点的小怪兽

ET08 在性能和动力方面毫不逊色。它的宽度令人惊叹,只有 700毫米。因此,它可以很方便地穿过室内门道,并通过橡胶履带来保护地板表面。在液压性能方面经过特别设计。通过标配的辅助液压系统,可以轻松驱动多种辅具。它配备了著名的洋马发动机,功率为 11.6 kW,是一种适合各种工作的真正高性能工具。

常规履带式挖掘机 ET08

Hydraulic telescopic undercarriage with dozer blade extension

  • The hydraulically telescopic undercarriage with a maximum external width of 860 mm gives stability. In the blink of an eye, it can be retracted to 700 mm width. Including the foldable dozer blade extension, it allows individual adaptation to the job site. At the same time, the elements for widening always remain connected to the device and thus do not get lost.
常规履带式挖掘机 ET08

Standard one-way auxiliary hydraulics

  • The standard one-way auxiliary hydraulics offer more flexibility in use, allowing hammer operation at any time. Optionally, it can be converted to a two-way auxiliary hydraulics, among other things for swing bucket applications. The excavator is therefore ideal for demolition and renovation work in confined spaces.

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